Frequently Asked Questions

Q I don't have the contact info for one of my players so I filled in a phone number to be able to pay my registration. When I get the info how do I change it?

A When you get the info, contact with your team name, league, and info to update to have it entered into the system.

Q How do I update my team and my own information?

AOnly administrators have access to change curler information. Please email or phone 780-477-8142 and we can update your information.

Q How do I add players to my team?

A To add additional players to a team, please contact with your team name, league, the new player's full name, email, phone number, and position on the team.

Q My spouse and I have the same email, can we use the same one to register?

A Yes, you can use the same email to register for different leagues and programs. But if you are registering for the same team, please only use the email once and leave the other email field blank.